ProjectExplorer 3 for AutoCAD® Civil 3D®

Generating Reports with Object Sets

Generating Reports with Object Sets

Generating custom reports in Civil 3D has never been quicker or easier - with the powerful Object Sets feature in ProjectExplorer 3. This unique functionality allows all your geometric reports to be created and subsequently updated after a design change - with a single button press.

There is simply no other add-in for Civil 3D that can automate the production of geometric reports like ProjectExplorer 3.

What is an Object Set?

An Object Set is a user defined selection of Civil 3D objects which can be saved persistently in your AutoCAD drawing. A user configurable action can be assigned to each Object Set which describes the layout, file format and output path of the report you wish to create from those objects.

Create as many Objects Sets as you like. Once a series of Object Sets has been defined in your drawing, a whole series of reports for a range of different purposes can be generated instantly by pressing the Run All Actions button.

Then after your next series of design changes, press the Run All Actions button again to keep every report syncronised with your civil model.

An integrated Version Control system keeps track of who generated each report, where it was saved to, and the version number and revision number assigned to each iteration.