ProjectExplorer 3 for AutoCAD® Civil 3D®

Editing the Civil Model

Editing the Civil Model

ProjectExplorer 3 for AutoCAD Civil 3D has all kinds of innovative features to help you browse, edit and validate your civil design.


What makes ProjectExplorer 3 particularly compelling is the ability to directly edit many of the parameters displayed in the ProjectExplorer window.

Double-click any highlighted value to make a direct and instant edit to the underlying geometry in Civil 3D. This negates the need to wade through the many of the standard Object Proprties panels in Civil 3D, and makes editing your model far quicker and more intuitive.

Violation Highlighting

Violation conditions are prominently highlighted throughout the ProjectExplorer Window using context driven tooltips.

At a glance, violations instantly draw your attention to areas of your design which may not meet your design intentions, and objects which are in an abnormal state. Violations in ProjectExplorer

Because ProjectExplorer features a live snapshot of the entire civil model, many violation conditions can be simultaneously monitored and addressed whilst key design decisions are being made.

Profile and Section Views

Enjoy using a range of dynamic sections and profiles through key Civil 3D object types in ProjectExplorer 3 - without the need to set up and navigate to their native Civil 3D equivilents in the AutoCAD viewport.

Profile View in ProjectExplorer

ProjectExplorer 3 features profile views through pipe networks and alignments, and section views through assemblies, sample lines and corridors. Each view features dynamically adjustable scale exaggeration controls, editable color themes, and other user configurable viewing preferences.