ProjectExplorer 5 for AutoCAD Civil 3D

User Guide | Preferences Window

Preferences Window


The Preferences window is accessed from the Preferences button in the lower left corner of the main ProjectExplorer window.

Preferences determine any aspect of the ProjectExplorer user interface which is not relevant to the generation of reports. For example, color schemes and default scale settings for profile and section views, font settings for the user interface, and the visibility and pane layout of each individual Object Category tab in the ProjectExplorer window.

Saved Preferences Files

User Interface Preferences may be saved to Saved Preferences files (.xmpp), allowing your preferred window settings to be restored at any time or shared with colleagues.

Restore Defaults

The Preferences currently assigned to the main ProjectExplorer window can be reset to the default settings at any time by pressing the Restore Defaults button in the bottom left corner of the Preferences window.