ProjectExplorer 5 for AutoCAD Civil 3D

Installation & Licensing Guide | Floating Network (NLM) License

Floating Network (NLM) License

Installation Guide

The following Installation Guide applies specifically to the use of ProjectExplorer 5 for AutoCAD Civil 3D in floating network (NLM) licensing mode. Please check that your licensing terms allow for the installation of floating network licenses before you commence this installation procedure.

A slightly different installation procedure is available for standalone (SLM) licenses.


This guide assumes that the Network License Service for ProjectExplorer has already been installed and correctly configured on a license server within your local area network.

Important Note

This installation procedure requires local administrative privileges.

Installation Overview

ProjectExplorer 5 for AutoCAD Civil 3D

ProjectExplorer 5 for AutoCAD Civil 3D utilizes the Autoloader installation method, which is common to the majority of AutoCAD plug-ins available through the Autodesk App Store. As such, after installation ProjectExplorer 5 for AutoCAD Civil 3D will automatically be registered with all supported versions of AutoCAD Civil 3D.

Once the installation process has been successfully completed, the product will be available for all users on the target computer.

Installation Path

ProjectExplorer 5 for AutoCAD Civil 3D is installed to a fixed path within the All Users profile folder. This is usually:

License Configuration Tool

To enable ProjectExplorer to operate in floating network (NLM) licensing mode, a License Configuration Tool should also be installed and configured on each license client.

This tool allows each ProjectExplorer installation to be switched from standalone to network licensing mode, and identifies the server where your Network License Service is installed and describes how to communicate with it.

Installation Path

The default installation path for the License Configuration Tool is as follows:
C:\Program Files\3AM Solutions\ProjectExplorer 3 License Configuration Tool\

Installation Steps

This installation procedure should be completed in the following steps: